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Founded in the year 2000, S Q KONG & CO started as a boutique Singapore law firm serving discerning private and corporate clients with specific personal and company needs.


Trust and confidence are the cornerstones of solicitor and client relationship.

At S Q KONG & CO, we are trusted advisors to several of our clients who recognize and value us for our dedicated service and resourceful talents in bringing to them in-depth insights and legal solutions to their ever-changing needs.

We distinguish ourselves by taking a disciplined approach in taking time to understand our clients' legal problems, by focussing on our clients' unique requirements and by providing personalised service, creating and delivering innovative and practical solutions to help them achieve their objective and expectations.


Asia is a strategic focus for our firm.

With our regional network of associates in Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, the People's Republic of China and other countries in Asia and our combined resources, knowledge and experience, we are committed to fostering relations with our clients and providing seamless integrated innovative and practical legal solutions in cross-border transactions to meet the local and regional needs of our private and corporate clients.

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